Philippines - Great diving & a funky new Canon

So, me and the Hubs have been to the Philippines for a couple of weeks diving. First thing to note is that the water is a LOT colder than I expected. Not Thai style bath-like seas, more Red Sea in May. Some dives we had 25C off Malapascua Island. Great reefs though, so wrap up warm and dive in.

Second thing is my new camera.  The Canon D30 is a robust little piece of kit that doesn't take a bad photo. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lightweight and easy to dive with. Rated to 25m (I took it to 29) it is not quite there with the new Nikon which is rated to 30m, but I think the photo's are slightly better. Fast shutter speed is not really it's forte, especially with the light at 25m, but if you stay still and use the onboard flash (hold your out breath a moment) the macro stuff is great.

Malapascua Island is barefoot living at its dreamiest and I didn't want to leave, but I dragged myself away to Dolphin House in Moalboal and struggled through some fabulous shore diving, sardine runs, spectacular reefs and great food.